East China Nonferrous Metals
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Leading group
Executive director
Branch Secretary: Zhang Shaoyun 
                              Presiding over the overall work;
                              In charge of Party and government Department, safety and logistics Department, Binjiang Warehousing Department, Youth League branch。

Deputy general manager                          
Union president
Inspector: Chu Shue      
                                        Responsible for procurement, price management, discipline inspection and trade union work;
                              In charge of resources department。

Deputy General Manager: Zhong LAN
                              Responsible for sales, finance and contract management;
                              In charge of engineering foreign trade Sales Department, gas cylinder Sales Department, Southern Fan Sales Department,
                                        Riverside Sales Department, Finance department, etc。

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    Office phone: 025-85515205
    Sales supervisor Tel: 139518598965
    Email: wzgs@guilubushenpian.net
    Add: No. 20 Jianning Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
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